Birthday & Pool Party

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

August 1, 2010

Yesterday the wee one and I were invited to a *kid* and *adult* birthday pool party.

I was feeling plenty confident in my own skin as far as wearing a swim suit in front of others. I know I'm still overweight, but I've been eating right and exercising, and so I feel good about that and about myself.

I spent the early afternoon chatting on the phone with a friend, Misty, while getting myself all dolled up. I looked down at one point and saw my toenails which still looked like this.

I frantically and carelessly slapped some polish on my toenails while still on the phone. Even so this is an improvement, wouldn't you say? Note to self - schedule pedicure in the near future.

Wee one insisted that his toes get some polish too. Misty was on speaker phone and suggested we find some rocker black for his toe nails. (I was thinking a la Steven Tyler - rocker - yum - but I digress.) Wee one ran off to dig through my polish, and didn't find any rocker black, so he did get a coat of clear (shhh...don't tell Daddy.) What can you expect of a little boy who spends so much time with his Mama? He even gets pedicures (or pedicares as he calls them) because the sweet girl who does my toes is sooo patient and lets him soak his feet while I do. Now where was I going with this story?

Wee one and I headed out the door and made our way to a house full of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cupcakes, cakes (literally - there were 3), candy, cokes (everything's a coke here - even if it's a pepsi - just so we're clear on that), and beer.

Did I waiver? Did I falter? Nope, I grabbed an ice cold Miller Light instead (the lowest in carbs of the available beer) and climbed in the pool to cool off. It was lovely cool day of only 104 degrees.

Wee one and I played in the pool and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our great host kept a beer in my hand the entire afternoon, so I slowed down not wanting to over do it. It's been a while since I've had a drink, and I knew it would go straight to my head.

3 hours later we left the party, and I had three drinks. I think I did pretty well. I didn't eat anything while I was there. I made sure I ate before I went, so I wasn't tempted. I made it! I did well! I still enjoyed myself!

As you can see from the picture below, the wee one had a hot dog and a cupcake that ended up all over his face. I'd say a good time was had by all.

I did notice when I came home, I was hit with my first major craving to eat junk that I've had it a while. I armed myself with my low carb crutches and I'm fine now.

Rock on friends!

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