Chicago SBI Conference Finale

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

If you haven't read Chicago SBI Conference Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4, you can catch up on the story now, which leaves me at Sunday morning 48 hours awake.

Photo courtesy of Kim Carroll the feisty and fearless organizer of
SBI Conferences.

To my surprise when I came back to our room Misty was awake and dressed. I didn't even get to bounce on her bed to wake her up! We had to wait an hour for our ritualistic coffee and bacon run, so we chatted and checked stats on our laptops while impatiently waiting for some black gold, aka coffee.

If I needed buckets of visine and gallons of coffee on Saturday, let me tell you I needed to go swimming in visine and drown myself with coffee for Sunday.

The third day awake is exponentially more difficult than the second. Trust me on this. Don't believe me? Ask Ashley. On several occasions, I got out the conference schedule to see if there was any presentation that I wanted to skip so I could go sleep for a bit.

There wasn't a single thing I was willing to miss (a true testament to how powerful this conference was) and so I stood up most of the day in the back of the room with a cup of coffee in my hand. If I sat down for any length of time, my head would do that drop and jerk back thing, so I stood.

Thanks Cath for the photo!

Sunday Night - "Surely she'll sleep" is what you're thinking. Yes and no is the short answer!

I did take a 15 minute nap on a bar table while waiting for dinner, and then my friend Cath snapped a picture of me and what APPEARS to be me passed out on a table, when in fact, I'm drinking water, and just exhausted. Live and learn. I won't be sharing that picture with you, and I'll never listen to my friends again when they say, "It's ok, go ahead and rest your head on the table for a few minutes." I think I was set up!

Back to the room after supper and after 63 hours without sleep, when I put my head on the pillow, sleep was instant.

At some point in the middle of the night, about 3:30 am, my sleep deprived, confused body decided to wonder out of the room, and lock myself out. Yes, I'm serious. I couldn't make up something so ridiculous even if I tried.

Now imagine becoming fully awake and glaringly aware that you are locked out of your room, in your pajamas (we'll not mention how happy I am to have been wearing pj's), and have somehow ended up on the ground floor of the hotel.

Then imagine trying to explain to the girl at the front desk that, no I don't have any proof of i.d. and yes I am the person I say I am. I'm pretty sure it's not every day that a person sleep walks out of her room and needs a key to get back in. The look on her face was priceless.

Minus the security cameras and the lady at the front desk, I think I escaped the attention of my peers on this one. When I did make it back to the room finally, Misty was worried. She said she woke up when she heard the door open and close. She got up to investigate and saw my room key, my cell phone, and my bra still in the room, and she wondered where I could have gone without those three vital items. Good question Misty. Sleepwalking the halls of the Embassy Suites is the answer!

Once I was safely back in the room, I didn't know whether to cry to or laugh. I think I did both.

I slept a few more hours, Misty left, and it was time for me to go now too. My group of all-nighter friends will remember that I wanted to ride the train in Chicago, but there wasn't a good opportunity to do so, until...

The front desk couldn't find a cab that would take me to the airport for less than $75, I entrusted another guy who was going to Midway airport via train, to get me there. Now I had no idea how long it would take, and this guy says, "Oh you'll be there in an hour." It was 12:15 pm and my plane was to leave at 2:30. I thought it would be okay.

Little did I know, that even though we were practically running to the train station and then running through the airport, I arrived at the check-in at 2:00. It took me three tries to get through the security thanks to my jewelry. I finally arrived at the gate at 2:30, which was just on time because there was a 15 minute delay. Whew, wiping the sweat from my brow, literally! I made it!

The rest of the day went by fast with a stop in Houston, and then back to Midland for a two hour drive home.

Should I tell you that I got lost in Midland trying to come home???

I did get completely and totally lost to the tune of at least an extra hour driving.

Go ahead and laugh.

At this point in my story, you can't be surprised.

I scored a rotisserie chicken at a convenience store which was the perfect low carb dinner. I had not eaten all day, so I was in need of some protein!

Next time I'll consult the vacation website of my amazing new friend Melanie before this small town girl tackles transportation and sleepless nights in a big city.

I have a new quote that I borrowed, and it about sums up 5 days in Chicago, "You can't make a memory if you don't participate in the fun."

Thanks to my new friends for all the fantastic website information by day and the fun crazy sleepless nights. Networking with ya'll has been a blast, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Can't wait to see you all in Tampa!


PS. If you're interested in building an online business, such as the ones my friends and I have built, you can visit SBI for more information.

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