Chicago SBI Conference Part 3

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

Chicago SBI Conference Part 3. Click to catch up on part 1 and part 2.

Friday morning (the first real day of the conference) and I was up bright and early to get myself all dolled up (yes that's what I call it!) Misty is a low maintenance kind of gal; whereas I'm a high maintenance one. We're the perfect roommates for this reason! (I recall her saying that my cosmetic bag was the equivalent of an entire Walgreens store.) So I let her sleep in until I couldn't go without coffee for one second longer.

I stood there quietly contemplating how to wake her up, and then thought of the perfect way - bouncing on her bed!

I refrained from jumping on it with my feet. C'mon people I AM an adult. So I bounced with my knees to give her a nice gradual instant wake up! Can you believe she didn't even cuss at me?

We snuck down to the free breakfast (Embassy Suites ROCKS the hot breakfast!! Perfect for us low carbers!) By snuck, I mean we avoided and desperately tried to hide from all other SBIers in an attempt to grab our coffees (I think we took a mere 8 cups - each!) and omelettes and head back up to our room to eat in there. Breakfast time each morning we kept to ourselves and enjoyed each others company in true makeup-less style, followed by rushing around to get ready for conference.

Friday conference - the presenters were awesome, and there was even some dancing by one Cath who really knows how to entertain. See picture below (which was actually taken Saturday, but since she danced everyday - this is the picture I captured.)

Cath dancing YMCA also known as C-T-P-M

Skip ahead to Friday night. No fewer than 20 of us arrived at Gibson's Steak house completely unannounced, and they graciously made a place for us. Let me say I was totally impressed with not only the food, but moreover the excellent service (minus some small problems with our table's bill).

Trying to get a shot of the group

I tried to get a picture of my gorgeous steak, but it was just too dark.

The ONLY picture I ended up with of Misty. She's visiting with Hector who traveled to Chicago from Costa Rica.

The networking and fun continued after dinner in Gibson's Steakhouse bar area. A dynamic group of us worked on solving the world's problems over a round of drinks.

Topics discussed were:
  • Making bets on which man was going to "get the girl." 3 men vying for 1 girl's, shall I say it, bedside company. We were watching the body language and the dynamics shift over an hour or two or three, and guessing who was leading the pack at each turn.

  • Topic 1 led to a discussion on great pick-up lines that men use to get women. Dana and I had just witnessed some really bad pick up lines from one rather old man who was making his last desperate attempt at getting a girl before he headed to bed at 8 pm. We were all laughing at his pathetic attempt to tell Dana, "Everybody has to be bad sometime!" And she angelically says, "Yes, but I'm only bad with my husband!" (Side note - my new friend Dana is a genius at dodging unwanted men!)

    So we're having a good laugh at this, when Ash says, "Do you know what the BEST pickup line is??" Of COURSE we wanted to know, not because we wanted to use it (every one of us at the table was married) but because we were engaged in meaningful fun, lighthearted conversation. His answer was a shockingly simple, "Let's f*ck." Dana and I were laughing hysterically and Suzanne looked a little aghast, but was laughing nonetheless. Ash goes on to tell us it has a 20% conversion rate, which he says is pretty good. (Ash we're going to assume you know this from your single days!)

  • And then there were three.
    The night was still young (who knows what time it really was) but when you're having this much fun the night is always young.

    Ash, being the beer connoisseur, had a whole refrigerator full of special beer that he intended to taste and write reviews for his site. A hospitable guy, he offers for Dana and I to come up and have a beer in his suite. After a quick glance at each other, Dana and I said, "Sure."

    Now Ash starts pulling out all kinds of beer, not of the standard American Bud Light or Miller Light variety (which he wouldn't be caught drinking.) We're talking real beer. Only there was one huge problem. He didn't have a bottle opener in his room. None of this beer was the screw off cap type. So all three of us were going different directions from surface to surface trying to pry, pop, or pull the cap off. We're laughing rather loudly at this point when Dana says, "This is just like being in high school and trying to find a way to get the cap off the beer you're not supposed to be drinking, and by the way Ashley it's a good thing that you're not trying to get laid, because this so wouldn't work!" Hysterical!

    Dana had a great idea to use the door hole latch part of the door frame (is that what it's called?), but the door she tried it on was rounded and didn't work. I found myself in the bathroom doorway successfully opening a beer! And we cheered like a bunch of teenagers. It's a million wonders that the neighbors didn't call and report us all night. We were not a quiet group!

    Speaking of all night, Friday night continues on and on and on, because who needs sleep when there's networking to be done, friendships being made, and interesting people to converse with? No really, who does, because some of us choose not to sleep at all.

    There is a point of no return that I reach in the middle of the night. Simply said, I would be worse off to go to sleep for an hour or two than to just grab some coffee, take a shower, and get ready for the next day.

    Saturday morning scoreboard - Ash and Tiffany 24 hours awake.

    ...and then Saturday started. (to be continued in part 4)

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