Chicago SBI Conference Part 4

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

Catch up here if you haven't read Chicago SBI Conference Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.

...A shower, some time on my laptop checking stats, and a little in-room coffee and I'm finally ready to go jump on Misty's bed to wake her up for the day. She grabs my face and says, "are you drunk?" I said, "no," after all I hadn't had anything to drink other than coffee since about 2 am, and I wasn't drunk then, so I certainly wasn't drunk at 7:00 am. Tired? Sure. Drunk or hungover? Definitely not.

Misty and I continued our morning ritual of sneaking down to the free hot breakfast, avoiding all people we might know, grabbing a plateful of bacon each, and a no fewer than 10 cups of coffee and cream. The omelettes from the morning before, while tasty, were just too much of a breakfast for two gals that normally don't have breakfast until 11 am. Yeah, we're weird like that. Bacon fit the bill perfectly!

Saturday conference was amazing. I enjoyed all of the presenters and visiting with my peers as well. It was funny how people kept telling me, "You look really good to have not had any sleep." LIARS!!

Let me share with you my secret should you ever find yourself without a night's sleep - buckets of visine for my eyes and gallons of coffee throughout the day to keep me awake.

Saturday lunch was some fabulous girl time at Gibson's steakhouse! I had something called a "Garbage Salad." In spite of it's name, it wasn't trashy at all.

Saturday Night. We began the evening in Gibson's Steakhouse bar, then ended up in our own hotel bar where one fabulous new friend Dana ordered me my very first Extra Dirty Martini. It was love at first sip.

Thanks Cath for the picture! I was too busy crawling around under the bar table and chairs to take any. Read on...

The entertainment was abundant with a wedding in the house, and one bride roaming around with her bridesmaids, but no groom. Then the groom appears, undressed, looking rather disheveled and hitting on every woman in the room EXCEPT his bride! We never actually saw him speak to his bride. I don't recall the groom's exact fascination with Texas, but he was intently trying to tell me some story about wanting to visit Texas or something like that. Each person in our group had an opinion of how long this marriage would last, and the dates ranged from a couple months up to a couple years max. I'm leaning towards the former.

How or why the contents of Dana's briefcase tumbled all over the floor under our bar table is a mystery to me, but since I'm a good friend, I found myself crawling around on the floor picking up her things. Dana had a broken foot and certainly had no business crawling around down there. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but a girl's gotta crawl when a girl's gotta crawl, and quite frankly after 2 martinis, I didn't care.

"Surely they'll sleep" is what you're thinking, because no person in her right mind goes two days without sleep. While that's probably true, great conversation and great company kept the party going.

We were joined by Mark and Sandee and Dana in the adventures of sleepless nights! One cannot discount the ability of adrenaline to get you through 1 more night and 1 more day without sleep.

Sunday morning scoreboard: Dana, Sandee, Mark = 24 hours awake. Ash & Tiff = 48 hours awake. Crazy? Let's not even go there.

We've decided to just go ahead and call it a SBI Conference No Sleeping Record which we believe nobody will ever attempt to break. I pity the fool(s) that try!

And then began the last day of the SBI be continued in Chicago SBI Conference finale (the last one, I promise think!) Stay tuned for tales of sleepwalking through the halls of the Embassy Suites in the Finale.

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