Chicago SBI Conference

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

Can a Girl Have Fun & Stay Low Carb?

I recently returned from a trip to Chicago for the purpose of attending an SBI conference. When a small town girl like me travels to a big city, there's bound to be some funny encounters. Now just how many of these occurrences can be chalked up to naivety or circumstantial is questionable at least.

As I sit down to write this, I realize that I could write several stories, maybe even a book, over these five days. However, since the title of this section is "confessions" and not "story time with Tiffany," I've decided to divide it into sections!

I didn't start out with a lot sleep to get this SBI conference rolling, since someone (read: ME) had scheduled a hair cut and color for 8 pm the night before I was supposed to leave and in a town that's an hour away from my home. Now these hair appointments generally take 3 hours, and then 2 hours round trip of driving.

Please somebody slap me if I think this is a good idea the night before another conference!!

In keeping with the ridiculous tradition I started of taking my picture while driving down the road on the way to my hair appointment, here it is. Upon examination of the results (the pictures) of this ludicrous practice, I may have to stop. (Seriously who can look decent in a picture when the camera is 2 ft from your face?)

My hair appointment went off just as expected, and returned my naturally blonde hair to it's unnaturally blonde state.

I arrived back home at midnight with last minute clothes still needing to be washed and packed. A couple of hours later I went to sleep needing to get up at 6 to finish up and hit the road to Midland in the morning.

I woke up 30 minutes late, but still managed to pull out of the driveway at 8 am. I had a two hour drive to Midland to the airport, and plenty of time to entertain myself of the road with things like drinking coffee, applying makeup (I'm quite good at it, don't judge!) , and finding something to eat.

There's not much in between my small town and Midland so the very first convenience store I came upon, I stopped and found a breakfast burrito. "A breakfast burrito!!" that's not low carb is certainly what you're thinking, but you're failing to imagine the humor of opening a tortilla and consuming the contents without any utensils (yes much like a dog would eat!) and then throwing the tortilla out of the window, so you won't be tempted to eat it.

I arrived at the airport, makeup in place, no longer hungry, and not running late for once in my life.

End of SBI Conference Confession Part 1 - Stay tuned for tales of sleepless nights in Parts 2, 3, 4, and the Finale.

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