Chile Rellenos Casserole

This low carb chile rellenos casserole will be loved by everyone. Nobody will guess it's low carb, because it's delicious. This recipe courtesy of my Aunt Dee Dee. She called it "chili shits" but I was afraid you all wouldn't even look at the recipe if I named it that!

chile rellenos casserole


  • 1(or a little more) pound ground beef
  • 2 (4 oz) cans of whole green chilies
  • 6 oz cream cheese
  • cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, salt, cayenne pepper, dried minced onion
  • beef bouillon cube & water
  • Mexican blend shredded cheese
  • Optional: a little fresh chopped cilantro

Yields 6 stuffed peppers, or 3 servings (because we each ate 2!)

Brown ground beef and drain any grease. Add dry seasonings, a little water, and the beef bouillon cube and let this mixture simmer while you prepare the chilies.  You want to season this meat as you would taco seasoning - nice and tasty!

Open your green chilies by splitting lengthwise then spoon 1 Tbsp of cream cheese into each green chili and put into a casserole dish.

Add the meat mixture over the top of the chilies and cook them in a 350 degree F oven for about 20 – 25 minutes covering them with Mexican blended shredded cheese for the last 5 minutes.

Believe me when I say this kind of meal is what low carb eating is all about. You could serve this to any one at any time, and it's simply good and really easy to make. Thanks Dee Dee!

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