Chorizo and Eggs

chorizo and eggs, chorizo and egg burrito

I had never tried chorizo and eggs prior to meeting my husband, and I surely wasn't interested either. When he convinced me to, I found that I really like it, and he taught me to cook it too. Pictured here on a low carb tortilla, but mostly I just eat it in a bowl.  Here's how.


  • good quality chorizo- I use approximately 2 inches of the tube - look for one that does not contain 'cereal'  I find it at our Sams Club.
  • 5-6 eggs
  • cheese (optional)
  • butter or bacon grease


Take a tiny bit of bacon grease or butter and give your skillet a coating. Over medium heat, break apart the chorizo and cook for several minutes (5).

Scramble your eggs in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Dump your eggs in the hot skillet directly over chorizo, and if you're adding cheese, add it immediately. (Hint: I love muenster cheese with chorizo and eggs.)

Scramble, cook and work together the chorizo, eggs, and cheese until done.

Most of the time I eat mine from a bowl, but occasionally I do splurge on a low carb tortilla (as pictured here), and turn it into a breakfast burrito. This serves 2-3 people, so I share!

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