Deliciously thin? Thinner will do for me!

by John

Thank you Tiffany.

I read your "about me" page and had a huge AHAAAAA moment! Here's one to add to your Atkins Diet Success Stories.

I'm probably not typical of people who "go on diets" as I haven't had weight issues since I was young, I wasn't bullied or picked on or whatever - I'm a 52 year old male and I have always been fit, healthy and active until January 2000 when I had a "mishap" and broke a few bones.

Although the bones healed quickly it did result in curtailing a whole load of physical activities that burnt off the calories and kept me fit.

Within a year of sedentary life I had gained 60 pounds. I ignored it as best I could (elasticated waistbands have so much to answer for!) until, out shopping with my wife, I caught sight of myself in a full length mirror and actually turned around to see who the fat guy behind me was . . .

That was a gut renching moment. Good God! I'm fat! I felt physically sick. I decided there and then to get back in shape. That was January 2001.

I flirted with low fat diets for a couple of months until one day I met my old karate instructor who recommended Atkins to me. Sceptical at first but with the recommendation of someone whose judgment I trust, I gave it a go.

The results were nothing short of incredible. Just under 20 lbs in the first month. By December 2001 I was back to my old weight. 60 lbs gone! That's 60 lbs in 10 months.

All was well for the next few years until April 2008 when I got a promotion at work which meant long periods either sitting behind a desk or a steering wheel, and a good few nights staying in hotels.

I slipped back into old habits, tried to fool myself I was being healthy by opting for the low fat versions - slowly but surely the weight crept back on and I felt just awful. What my doctor called TATT - tired all the time.

I was eventually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and told the best thing I could do was lose weight! (Really? Go figure . . .) Anyways, their way is low fat, calorie control. Same old same old.

Fast forward to today when I found this site and have decided that if Atkins worked first time why not this time around? That's my ahhaaaaa moment.

Just stepped off the groaning scales and hit 230 lbs. I felt great at 185 lbs so have set that as my target this time next year. If it happens sooner, then great.

I'm just about to sit down and write down some goals and target dates and stick them on my fridge door.

Low carb worked for me last time and see no reason why it shouldn't work this time. I have already told myself that when I get where I want to be that I will maintain and not let it slip.

I'm 100% convinced that low carb works a whole lot better than the tired old "low fat" regime. Fat make food taste good!

I fully intend to try all your recipes and may even share some of mine.

To lighter times . . . . . .

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