Giving up nothing but pounds

by Samantha

After a cancer diagnosis and an unrelated surgery, I had quit my regular walks and was eating a lot of "comfort foods." I was up to about 265 lbs ( I am 5'8''). While I am not a diabetic, there is a lot of it in my family and my last lab work had my glucose dangerous close to the upper end of "normal."

In late September 2012, I started to eat low carb - I eat fruit but usually fresh or frozen and I am careful with those high-sugar fruits, plenty of low carb veggies and a good mix of lean meats, cheeses and yogurt.

I occasionally have half a small potato or a spoonful of potato salad or pastry treat. I do not feel deprived at all or as if I have made some terrible sacrifice to get rid of these extra pounds. I love to cook and to eat and still enjoy food. A low-carb lifestyle allows me to do that and finding ways to cut carbs is a creative challenge I have enjoyed.

I have modified many of my usual meals to a low carb option. I am now down to 216 lbs without increasing the exercise. I am still losing about a half-pound to a pound a week. The loss is slower now but steady and I am ready to add exercise back into my daily routine.

The cancer is in remission - has been for a while - but I figure getting and staying healthy in general will keep my immune system up. Fewer aches and pains, less joint pain, so much more energy and everything in my closet has gotten to big to wear! My husband, who is not watching his carbs - has lost a pant size just by eating whatever I prepare for dinner.

Recently my teenage daughter saw me in shorts and said, 'wow mom your legs are skinnier." Makes me smile. Big smile.

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