by Kate Schear
(Alexander, Iowa, USA)

I've tried different weight loss plans ever since my late teens. February of 2011 I had a real wake up call. It started out with having an abscessed tooth removed, than shingles then I appeared to have some type of flu. I could not keep any foods down. I was drinking ensure and fruit juices to stay hydrated and constantly running to the bathroom. When I threw up the result did not have any smell and it could have been scooped up, put on a plate and served. That day I had been to the doctor to get to the bottom of my continued ill health. They took blood tests and called me into the emergency room as a result of a 700 plus blood sugar and said my a1c indicated that I had been averaging 300 plus for the previous 3 months. I remained in the hospital for around 3 days wherein they found out that I had a bladder as well as kidney infection. The bladder infection was so far advanced that there was a calcified almost lime like coating on the surface. The normal course of these infections is for them to become septic and spread to other organs and for each organ to subsequently shut down leading to death. I should be dead, but I'm not. I also ended up in a mental health unit with my high blood sugars and inability to sleep. Came away from the unit with a clean mental health bill.

I considered it a blessing to be diagnosed with diabetes as now I could do what I needed to do to improve my health. I came out of the hospital on seroquel to aid insomnia, as well as injecting myself with two different forms of insulin 4 to five times a day. The seroquel left me doped up and led to other physical aches and pains. I weaned myself off the seroquel. I haven't been able to have effective control of the diabetes even with changing my meds to metformin and just the long-acting insulin once a day. Over the last two weeks I have been on a lo carb diet with healthy fats and veggies...no grains as well as exercise. My blood sugars have been in the 80 to 99 range over the last couple of days. I've lost around 6 lbs. I want to keep up with this new life style and get off the meds, having reduced my metformin by 1/2. One morning I forgot to take the meds and my blood sugar was still under 100. I have a doctor's appt next week and will get my a1c measured. Am looking forward to the results!

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