Lost weight eating what I naturally enjoy

by David

I am young, currently 21, so I still have a whole life ahead...hopefully if I can actually live past the expected life expectancy of average Americans. But anyways, here is my story:

Growing up, I was the typical, husky, inactive kid, that was self-conscious whenever I went swimming. I lived around eating mostly processed food and bad carbohydrates. I believe it is because that is what I got introduced to when I was little. But anyway, I remember when I was in 5th grade going to my doctor for an annual physical check-up and getting told I was overweight. Everyone always tried to convince me to stop labeling myself as "fat" and I am just "average." So hearing it from my pediatrician, I broke down and argued. He told me I needed to chew my food like 15 times each bite and basically go all low-fat. Multiple times I have tried and failed because even though I may have restricted foods like red meat, pork, bacon, and dairy products, I felt absolutely miserable, because I love those and I had no idea that making up for the lost calories by eating bad carbohydrates is bad.

So what was another failed solution? Well I was forced to go for walks, do Tae Kwon Do, and basically exercised without achieving weight loss results, because my diet had not changed and I had to quit "being tired". I look back and know that it wasn't my fault for not having enough energy to be active, but I don't want to blame myself for the food, because I had known that processed sweets were bad and I knew to stay away, but I was eating many bad carbohydrates made from grains.

After I turned 19, I actually found some really helpful information that was teaching about how people should eat based on the low carb diet and how it is healthy to eat meat, whole dairy, bacon, and other naturally fat foods along with plant based like olives, avocados, and peanuts, because they are naturally satisfying and actually have improving benefits, rather than detrimental that bad carbohydrates have on the body.

One of the sources was from this documentary called Fat Head, which is available on the instant queue of Netflix and free to stream on hulu.com.

So I decided to drastically cut down on sugar, wheat products (bread and pasta), corn, rice, and potatoes, and I started getting my carbohydrates from eating fruits and vegetables. For drinks, I was having water, whole milk, occasional 100% juiced fruit, unsweet tea that I sweetened with stevia, and some other drinks with stevia such as Zevia cola. I also eat different kinds of meat since it doesn't really matter what cut of meat you eat, as long as it isn't sugar-coated, whole dairy, nuts, seeds, and more. I even use naturally occuring oil like olive oil rather than processed vegetable oil from products like corn and margerine (trans fat), and I even cook with real butter a lot and occasional lard (usually from leftover uncured bacon grease). There is more, but I can go on and on.

I went from 188 lbs to 165 lbs in a short amount of time as people were like "David? Did you lose weight?!" I felt physically great to where I have a lot of energy to want to go run and workout, and even be active in other ways. I noticed health improvements like less allergies and breathing trouble, less headaches, and I don't mean to give TMI, but from having fiber, I don't remember the last time I needed to use the toilet plunger hehe!

But as people ask how I lost weight, I tell them, but unfortunately, people flip out and lecture me for eating high fat and protein and low carbohydrates, assuming that meat and dairy is all I ate. I explain that cavemen ate plenty of fat in meat and gathered produce to survive and how the French diet uses butter and they have less heart disease. But that doesn't always cut it, because people will say "cavemen didn't live long," "Those European countries lie to try and make Americans look bad," "the only reason you are fit is because you are active," and commonly from middle aged people, "you are young and all that fat will catch up." It seems that no one gets it that sugar and bad carbohydrates are what causes health problems and weight gain. I even said to people, "So if diets like the Atkins diet is bad, how is it so unhealthy to have anything from a bunless burger with broccoli to substitute French fries or eat fruit instead of candy?" Those are just examples, but due to people's ignorance, some have responded with "That diet does not allow that!! It is a meat and dairy diet!!! Get off of it before you give yourself a heart attack from all that bad food!!!"

So that is my story. I think after my results of weight loss and feeling great, I will do this and never go back to my old ways. Do not ever let people tell you low carb is bad, because chances are, they have no idea what they are talking about.

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