Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

It's inevitable, you're going to start looking for low carb breakfast recipes when you get sick of making your usual.   I hope to help break you out of that rut with some these recipes.

I know, I know...you want more than just eggs, and be patient, I'll post some others as well, but I do have a lot of eggs (because they are low carb and good for you) but there will be other low carb breakfast ideas as well.

bacon mushroom spinach omelette

Bacon-Mushroom-Spinach-Jack Cheese Omelette

A super delicious omelette<br>
Every one loves for me <br>
to make these!

Bacon Cheese Omelette
Cheesy, easy, and
yummy. What more could
you want in a breakfast?

Broccoli Quiche Recipe
Loaded with broccoli, bacon,
tomatoes, mushrooms, onions,
and cheese! Delish!

Jalapeno Fudge
Very easy and very tasty
Give it a try.

Chorizo and Eggs
I don't know how I went
27 years without eating
this, but I'll never be
without again.

Bacon Chili Cheese Breakfast Casserole
An easy to make
and equally delicious
easy egg breakfast casserole.

Crustless Quiche Recipe
This is made with bacon
tomatoes, and green onions
but is easily adapted to your taste.

Baking Bacon
I love this less mess
way to cook bacon in the
oven...I'll never fry or
microwave again!

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