Low Carb Eating While Traveling

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

August 26, 2010

An often discussed topic amongst the low carb world..."can you stay low carb while traveling?"

I just recently returned from a 4 day trip to Laughlin, Nevada, and the answer is a resounding "YES!"

I came home and was still in full, deep, dark ketosis - woo-hoo!

The hotel/casino/resort where we stayed was totally low carb friendly - Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort. Loved it there, by the way!

The view from the blackjack tables! In Nevada - looking across the river at Arizona - cool huh?

Here's a quick low down of I ate.

Friday - traveling day. Grabbed an avocado as I was walking out the door and that was my breakfast/lunch. Water on the airplane. That evening there was a seafood buffet happening in the buffet restaurant, so I had a big salad, then crab legs, then peel & eat shrimp. Yum!

Saturday - Breakfast was a pick your ingredients omelette - I had bacon, mushroom, spinach, and tomato. Very good. For lunch I had a fajita salad at their Mexican food restaurant and for supper I had Prime Rib with a side salad. See how easy that was?

Sunday - I was having an amazing day at the blackjack tables, and you couldn't drag me away. I ended up only eating one meal for the day - some shrimp cocktail as an appetizer and then Prime Rib for the main course! Thank you ketosis - because I was never even hungry!

Monday - Long day traveling home. Skipped breakfast because I was at those blackjack tables again! Made myself eat lunch, and had a Caesar Salad with grilled chicken (no croutons - of course!) Arrived back in Texas LATE at night. Stopped in a Whataburger where I ordered a bunless burger.

Really, it was easy to do. Tip - make absolutely sure you're in ketosis before you go to make it easier.

I should have taken more pictures to share with ya'll, but instead I was obsessed with taking pictures of the shadow of the airplane on the ground while we were taking off and landing.

Leaving San Angelo

Arizona - isn't it barren and amazing at all once?

More airplane shadow pictures!

Getting closer

And closer!

I know you're disappointed that I didn't take any exciting pictures of things such as...my feet, like I did here and here. I can see the disappointment written all over your face! My feet were so swollen from sitting at blackjack tables for 9 hours every day. It was UGLY - and I mean ugly! Grotesque and deformed. A girl's vanity kicks in here and won't let me share with you that ugly side...not yet, anyway.

Over and out -
Your low carbin, blackjack playin, plane shadow picture takin - fool -

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