Low Carb Snack Recipes
Low Carb Appetizer Recipes

If you're searching for low carb snack recipes or just ideas, then you've come to the right spot. Here are low carbohydrate snacks that are either naturally low carb or that I've modified to make them that way. Enjoy.

(A visitor pointed out, rightly so, that these are more appropriately called Low Carb Appetizers. I'll be making a travel friendly low carb snack list soon.)

Many of these low carb snacks are from my other site (quick-and-easy-dinner.com) and will open in a different window, so as not to duplicate content.

cream cheese stuffed jalapenos

Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos
My signature appetizer -
I've been making these long
before I was a low carb gal.

bacon wrapped shrimp

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Labor intensive - YES!
Worth it? Absolutely!
Have as a meal or appetizer.

Angels on Horseback
Oysters wrapped with
bacon, seasoned, and
served with a splash
of lemon or lime juice.

cream cheese and green olive stuffed celery

Cream Cheese & Olive Stuffed Celery
We've always had these
for Holiday gatherings
and now I enjoy them year 'round.

homemade summer sausage

Homemade Summer Sausage Recipe
Another family favorite
that's naturally a low carb
snack recipe. Make plenty and freeze!

hot wings

Hot Wings
Have them for a snack
or eat them as a meal.
Hot wings are legal here.

ham roll ups

Ham Roll Ups
Tasty devils-these are
cream cheese, green onions
and garlic inside ham slices

brie stuffed mushrooms

Brie Stuffed Mushrooms
Delicious as an appetizer
or side dish or low carb
snack. This recipe is

cream cheese and pesto stuffed mushrooms

Cream Cheese with Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms
My new found love
of all things pesto
led me to create these
lovely mushrooms

pimento cheese stuffed into celery

Homemade Pimento Cheese
Delicious pimento cheese
is easy to make and can
be used in a variety of ways.

jalapeno fudge

Jalapeno Fudge
Very easy and very tasty
Give it a try.

classic deviled eggs

Classic Deviled Eggs Recipe

In a world where everyone is changing the deviled egg, I can't get past the deliciousness of the original. 

blt dip

BLT Dip Recipe
My favorite combination
of flavors, this one's
a keeper!

Broccoli Dip
It's not what you're
thinking - this one
is different!

cilantro dip

Cilantro Dip Recipe
Fresh and flavorful
use it as a dip
or baste it on fish & chicken.

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