Mississippi Pot Roast

I make a mean pot roast, so I doubted that this Mississippi pot roast could be as good as mine.  It is so simple!  How could it possibly be good?  I was wrong.  It's amazing.  

mississippi pot roast

I didn't even think that the ingredients sounded good together.  Again, I was wrong.  I have no idea who came up with the recipe or why it is named Mississippi Pot Roast, but this is my adapted version made low carb style.  Pictured with my fried green beans.


  • 4-6 pound rump roast (chuck roast is fine, too)
  • 16 oz jar of peperoncini peppers, including juice
  • 1 package of dry ranch dressing mix (if you buy in bulk, use 3 tablespoons)
  • 1 stick of butter


Place roast in the crock pot, fat side up.  Add the entire jar of peppers including the juice.  Sprinkle all exposed parts of roast with the dry ranch dressing.  Now place a stick of butter over the top of the meat.

Put the lid on the crock pot, set it to high, and it will be fork tender and ready to eat in 6 hours.  If you need to leave it all day, just turn it to low.

That's it!  Incredibly easy, and bursting with flavor - you don't need to add any other seasoning.  All three of my kids loved it, my picky 9 year old, my not so picky 5 year old, and my baby 1 year old.  Now run to the store, and grab the ingredients.  You'll thank me!

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