My $160 per gallon drinking habit

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

Ready for this?

Oh yes I did just buy a brand new jar of jalapeno stuffed olives just for the juice.

You see I still had more than a half jar of olives left, but the problem is the juice is gone.

I have a full blown addiction to olive juice!

Not just any olive juice. Oh no, it couldn't be that easy.

Nope, Jalapeno Stuffed Olives, olive juice.

Blame it on my pregnancy, blame it on my love for olives, but I've found that sipping ice cold olive juice is my new favorite thing. It satisfies my need for salty and sour just perfectly. Don't knock it until you try it!

It's a rather expensive habit, so I have to limit my indulgence to a few sips a couple times a week.

The way I calculated this...

The particular jar of olives I buy probably has about 8 ounces of juice, give or take, and costs about $10/jar.

That makes this olive juice habit cost $160 per gallon.

CRAZY! INSANE! Somebody stop me now!

No, don't really.

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