My Weight Loss Journey

by Daria

In my life, even as a child all the way to now, I have been the full range of beautifully slim to over weight.

Right now I am still a bit over weight but have lost about 18 lbs and want to lose another 15 or so. I have been following a low carb life style and use a meal replacement or two a day. This is easy and fast for on the go while out and working outside the home.

I love doing low carb as I can adjust and make changes as I lose plus I am eating healthier with cutting out allot of the white sugar which is very important to me.

I try to keep my calories not too low so I keep losing and not hold back. I eat volume's of food with salads and greens along with my lean and often organic proteins. I have tried a few lower carb programs and will not follow one that is mostly prepackaged shakes and puddings where you have to eat 5 to 6 very small meals a day. I am eating 3 meals and 2 snacks right now and I enjoy this and feel better and this seems to work better for me with my blood sugar not going low and I am not hungry.

On a low carb low sugar program I do not crave either. So now my breakfast is not so small but a good about of protein. I found that I can think better also. I use an Atkins snack every day that I love as one of my snacks. When not home I sometimes use a bar as a meal replacement when I need to.

I am exercising 2 to 3 times a week now plus a bit of walking every day. I am not killing myself with working out. I will continue this until I reach my goal. If I mess up I get right back on with the next meal.

I have to say I enjoy helping others lose weight and staying motivated and have been a weight loss coach when I was younger and slimmer. For me as I am getting older, it is harder but I am determined. I will continue this way of eating forever. It is a life style and a wellness plan for me. I really want to get back into a healthy life style and help others feel better too if I can.

Thank you for allowing me to share.

Just a quick note to those who want to lose weight: don't drop your calories so very low that you can't sustain it and eat 3 meals also don't skip meals for heaven's sake.

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