People watching, jump rope for heart, and more

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

August 3, 2010

Made a trip to the little big city today to get out of the house. Let me just say, wee one NEVER sleeps in his car seat, or anywhere else for that matter. He is wired! I turn around and found him snoozing hard. I assumed he would wake up once the motion of the vehicle stopped, but no such luck!

I sat in the Wal-Mart parking lot for 30 minutes more once I arrived. Now there's a saying that goes never wake a sleeping baby. I'm saying Never Wake a Sleeping 3 year old! Even if it means sitting in the car and people watching for 30 minutes and contemplating how all mirrors should be as flattering as a rear view mirror.

I love my Rear View...

...mirror, that is!
Some people have heard my rear view mirror story before - sorry - you'll have to read it again or skip this part.

The rear view mirror of a car is absolutely my best friend! I LOVE it! I could stare into it all day (okay that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much!)

The rear view mirror still tells me that I look good! It doesn't see my body. It tells me I still look like I think I should look, but I actually don't. You see, I'm still a thin, fit girl in my head. Sounds crazy doesn't it?!? The rear view mirror reinforces this for me - and releases all kinds of feel good endorphins! And then...and then...the shock! the horror! the disconnect I feel when I see a full length mirror all comes crashing down on me, and I'm left rolling around on the floor crying and sucking my thumb.

People Watching

Have you ever sat in a large parking lot and watched how many people can't find their cars? Hysterical! Wandering around, pointing, blaming their spouse, cursing the 103 degree heat. I'm so ready for all of the rugrats to go back to school - and get out of my stores that I shop in - but that's another confession I'll save for later.

Jump Rope for Heart

Do they still do this for the kids? I remember being so excited my first fundraiser. I loved to jump rope. Wee one recently found my jump rope, and so tonight I decided to just do it! 3 sets of 100 was my target.

100 down...I'm breathing hard and my heart is pounding, but I can do more!

50 down...Can I do 50 more?...stop...breathe...jump...did it!

100 more, C'mon legs, c'mon feet you can do it! 20 down...I can't do more...thinking of my new internet buddy Steve He'd tell me I can, to just push and finish it. I did! Struggling, but I did. Thanks Steve for encouraging me to step up my inches now gone from my waist in the past 3 weeks!

That's it today, people! I leave you with 2 more pictures...both views from my house...our dying lake and diminishing water supply...we really need rain!

And next my view as I finished my workout tonight.

Stay tuned for upcoming Confessions...

My two personalities this one's gonna be fun!

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