The Best Roasted Cauliflower

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I finally jumped on board to try the roasted cauliflower, only I made mine differently than any recipe that I've ever seen.  I used the same pan that I had just used to cook bacon in the oven.   The bacon grease had cooled in the pan before I drained it into a jar, like I normally would do.  Then I thought, "hmm...bacon grease to roast cauliflower...I think YES!"  These were so good that I had to stop myself.  I could have eaten the entire pan all by myself. 

roasted cauliflower

Ingredients Needed:

  • 1 head fresh cauliflower, cut into bite sized florettes
  • 5ish tablespoons of fresh bacon
  • Sea salt and fresh ground pepper
  • fresh grated Parmesan (optional)


Since I had already baked bacon in the oven, I had a nice pan with bacon grease.  I simply preheated the oven to 400 degrees F, added the cauliflower to the pan.  Sprinkled it lightly with salt and pepper, added a tiny bit of fresh grated Parmesan, roasted it until it started smelling.  Then I used a spatula to turn over most of the pieces and cooked the other side until they were turning dark. Ahhhh-mazing!  Really.  Try it now.

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