The Best Steakhouse in Texas

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

August 18, 2010

This past weekend, I forced my husband to quit working for a few hours so I could surprise him with a night out for his birthday.

The destination: Perini Ranch A cozy, rustic steakhouse buried amongst massive live oak and mesquite trees, off the beaten path about 75 miles from our home, and well worth the drive. There's absolutely nothing fancy about this place, which ads to its unique charm. When you turn onto the ranch, you're greeted by this giant armadillo. Giant really doesn't describe how big it is! Texas sized!

The food - seriously wonderful! I've not yet had a steak there that wasn't perfection! This past weekend was no exception.

We were joined by long time friend, Melinda, who is a party of fun all by herself. I didn't have a sitter for the wee one, so he went along as well.

We sat down to a cold round of beers, and water for the little one of course. I ordered Prime Rib with zucchini perini as my side dish. Perini Ranch is very low carb friendly! Delicious - every last bite!

The little one wanted to take some pictures so I turned the camera over to him. Nothing like a camera in the hands of a three year old. I should say, he has an obsession with anything that spins - helicopters, windmills, ceiling fans - and as I unloaded the pictures to my computer, I found 21 pictures of ceiling fans-no kidding! I'll spare you from looking at all 21 pictures, but here is some of his work...a real pro, in my opinion.

Ceiling fan picture 1 of 21

Outline of Melinda to the left and outline of my husband to the right

During the Winter month (it's TEXAS, people) there's a roaring fire in that fireplace!

Upon leaving Perini Ranch, we decided to go to a little local bar there in Buffalo Gap. I use the term "bar" loosely, because it's also a restaurant, but the bar area has shuffleboard and pool, and is family friendly. We played shuffleboard, laughed, and had a good time. I only had 1 more drink...
1) I'm very much in the weight loss zone, and didn't want to stop that train.
2) Somebody had to drive us home :)

Some dancing with my little boy was the perfect finish to our night - watch out ladies, he going to be a heart breaker, a fierce dancer, a helicopter/airplane pilot, and perhaps a nudist...but that's another confession.

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