Treating Diabetes Type 2 with Primal Meal Plan

by Steve Cooksey
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

After and Before

I was an obese diabetic who weighed as much as 235 lbs and I had missed several weeks of work the last several years due to respiratory issues. I was typically being diagnosed with bronchitis or "episodic asthmatic" events.

My health deteriorated to the point that in February 15, 2009, after two doctor visits earlier in the week, I told my wife to take me to the doctor or the hospital. Literally...I could barely move.

Long story short, I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance with a BG reading of 700+ and an A1C that was literally "too high to read". Three days later I was discharged home as a Diabetic and while the doctors were not sure, I was told that I was likely a Type 1 and that I would be on insulin and medications for the rest of my life.

While still in the hospital, I was given an ADA Food Pyramid by the "hospital nutritionist" and upon inquiry was informed to "eat the food groups" but stay below 2200 calories. This seemed odd to me but at the time, I was a mental wreck -- having been given several body blows -- so I took the advice and ordered my meals from the hospital menus. To be honest...they looked a hell-u-va-lot like what I ate ordinarily....

So, I go home and start researching what to do. I was determined to do ALL I could to stop taking insulin and medications. I'd seen too many relatives go down this road...and quite frankly...I did not like the destination nor the ride to get there.

A couple days later after discharge, a home health nurse came by -- I also quizzed her about my diet -- SHE HANDED ME ANOTHER ADA Food Pyramid and told me to "eat the food groups".

A couple of days later my doctor told me to check out the Low Glycemic Index to see if that would did and it started me on a journey that lead me to Mark Sisson's website where I explored all things Primal.

Today, with the benefit of a great workout program and a Primal diet, I am 75 pounds lighter and I take -0- insulin and -0- medications. My latest blood work showed NO EVIDENCE OF DIABETES NOR OBESITY! (I am still diabetic, you just wouldn't know it from

my blood work).

As of today, 7/3/2010, I have been insulin and medication free for about 15 months. Because I know how utterly confusing and hopeless life can be when diagnosed with diabetes, I have attempted to reach out to "spread the word" about Paleo / Primal eating and living. I often "befriend" people in social media groups and strike up a conversation.

Multiple times -- I'd say at least 4-5 times -- I have began a conversation with a "Certified Diabetes Educator". EVERY SINGLE TIME -- NO EXCEPTIONS -- they do not HAVE A CLUE when it comes to Paleo / Primal eating. Honestly...I find this disgusting. Especially when I have to hear (or read) how they are required to go to X number of hours of recertification classes and how they are trained on the latest...blah, blah, blah. ALL of this is bad enough, but here's the kicker...

THEY ATTEMPT TO CONVINCE ME TO STOP!!! ...And go back to eating grains, beans, rice, pasta etc. THE AUDACITY!!! EVEN AFTER they know that I have lost weight and kicked diabetes in the ass (for now) they try to get me back on the train...the train to hell.

WHY? Why would they do this?????

Certified Diabetes Educator: "Because you are missing nutrients and fiber."

Fiber? ...I laugh... "so you are telling me to go back to insulin and meds ...for fiber?"

CDE: "you need a balanced diet from a variety of sources and all of the nutrients"

...."Ok... tell me what nutrients I am missing from eating meats, broccoli, cauliflower, greens, celery, tomato, green peppers, mushrooms and nuts..... plus I take a multivitamin... Tell me exactly what nutrients I'm missing that is worth going back on insulin and medications."

I have never received an explanation or answer to that question.... NONE!

Richard, I understand that not every Type 2 is going to be able to stick to a Very Low Carb diet... I get that. BUT the ADA should PUSH Very Low Carb diet as the PRIMARY solution and IF THE PATIENT CAN NOT Stick to it...then promote the carb laden diet that keeps people "carbing up and shooting up".

* You can visit Steve's blog for more great information diabetes, exercise, food recipes, and more.

*Also adding a link to more of Steve's story with before and after pictures. First Year with Diabetes

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Oct 26, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Mar 01, 2015
type 2 NEW
by: Anonymous

I am also a type 2 diabetic and your reasoning sounds very reasonable to me. It sounds like you have a plan that's been working for you and I'm going to try it Thanks!

Mar 13, 2014
Thanks NEW
by: Steve Cooksey

Thanks to all the kind words. :)

It's now March 2014 ... and I am still THRIVING!!! and not 'just surviving'. :)

The major change since this article was written is the growth in the news media reporting the benefits of a 'low carb paleo' approach.

The war is far from over but we are winning more and more battles.

Thanks Tiffany for sharing my story. Muah! :)

Mar 13, 2014
Lovin' Low Carb, but... NEW
by: Anonymous

My insurance company actually called my doctor (who didn't know yet, btw) and asked why I had stopped renewing my diabetes medication! Somethin's not quite right there!

Jan 28, 2013
finally someone agrees
by: debbidoo

my dr retired so i found a new one he said to lose weight eat 1200 calories a day and you can have 30 carbs per meal !! i was already trying to do atkins way of life and trying to staY UNDER 20 CARBS A DAY. WHEN YOU REALLY HAVE HEALTH ISSUES WHY DO THEY WANT YOU TO EAT ALL THOSE CArbs its nicew to hear saomeone who agrees with me thanks for telling it like it is!

Aug 25, 2012
by: Kate

Steve you have been an inspiration to my story on Tiffany's site. I also ended hospitalized with a 700+ Blood sugar reading.

Apr 23, 2012
I know what you mean
by: David

That is great that you beat your diabetes! Unfortunately people just don't get it that low-carb diets are the way to go. People have discouraged all the diets saying they are "bad for you" and I hear the same belief "they all restrict nutrients and are all about eating fatty food!" Of course I say the same thing about "how is this bad if I am eating a bunless burger with broccoli instead of French fries, and fruit instead of candy?" Usually it throws people off everytime because they stop and think. Of course I still know people who will lecture me and say that "cavemen didn't live long," "French people drink red wine," or "you are just young and everything will all catch up before you know it!" I said cavemen and French people because of how cavemen ate a whole animal and people in France use real butter and have a lower heart disease rate than Americans.

Sep 05, 2011
Looking 20 years younger
by: Anonymous

You not only lost weigh, but went from looking like an old, out of shape man, to a young, strong handsome man. You before picture looks like you could be your own father. Look look great and are a real insparation to me.

Oct 30, 2010
Inspiring story
by: Vic

Congrats on your weight loss and getting your life back from diabetes. Thanks for sharing your story.

Jul 27, 2010
Thanks and an Update
by: Anonymous

@ Tiffany: Thank you again for the opportunity to share with others. I love your site, keep sharing and caring!! :)

@Emilee: Thank you for your kind words. I try to inspire, motivate and educate people... but especially diabetics that there is a "better way". :)

@PAIGE: GOOD 4 YOU! I often tell people that the Diabetes Diagnosis was actually a blessing. Why?

1) I was headed for a heart attack or stroke... bypass surgeries etc etc... that is my family history.

2) Now, I'm healthier and more fit than I was 20 yrs earlier.

3) My experience and successes have helped me help others.

** IF I CAN DO can you! :)

*** Just an update: since my original post, my daily morning overnight fasting reading has been 77 - 93 ... which means... I'm still normal. :)

Low Carb Meal Plan works for you...if you work the plan.

All the best!


Jul 17, 2010
by: Emilee

Steve -
all I can say is wow - really? You're an inspiration to anybody, diabetic or not. I enjoyed your story


Jul 03, 2010
by: Paige

I'm recently diagnosed as diabetic, and just stumbled upon this information. Your story is fantastic and truly an inspiration to all who read it. You've changed the way I'm going to approach this, and I look forward to a long healthy life.

Great food and recipe ideas here - thanks for the site.


Jul 03, 2010
A M A Z I N G !
by: Tiffany

Steve -
What an amazing story you have to tell. There is no doubt that you can change people's view of diabetes forever! I'm honored to feature you on my site and to help you spread the word.

Congratulations on your hard work and fantastic success - as you say, "It's simple...but it's not easy." I agree.

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