Would you like to see my id?

by Tiffany
(Deliciously Thin)

July 29, 2010

Grocery Shopping is not my favorite thing to do!

It ranks right up there with cleaning my bathroom. It's a toss up which is worse.

Yesterday it became unavoidable. I would have to go do the dreaded deed, and gather vegetables and meat, milk for the wee one, etc.

On a whim, I decided to buy myself a 6 pack of Michelob Ultra Beer. (don't judge - a girl is entitled to a beer every now and then)

I finished gathering my goods, and made my way to the checkout stand.

My checker, a young lady, went about her business while I tried to keep the wee one's hands off the credit card swiper thingy, as well as loading my bags into the cart. She got to the beer, and I noticed that things were silent for a second. I looked up to see her gazing at my face. Clearly deciding whether to id me or not. When she saw my face, she hit the buttons and resumed ringing up my items.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me, "hey, you can see my id if you want."

Her, "no thanks."

Me, "no really, I'll happily show it because it seems fewer and fewer people care to see it."

Her, "no really, it's fine."

Me, "I've got it right here." pulling it out of my wallet.

Her, "I said I didn't need to see it lady... but you still look really young and pretty, if that's what you're getting at."

Me, "oh really? thanks, really? thanks."

You know she couldn't wait to get me out of her line, and then went home that evening and told her family, "Some weird lady insisted on showing me her id today, and she was - like in her 30s!!"

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